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There is always something happening on and off campus, so keep checking the links below. It will give you a taste of the vibrancy of Greenville life.

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What Parents Say

Forum Private Institute is the best thing we did for our children. We have been more than pleased with the level of education they are receiving. The teachers love what they do and they know how to bring out the best in their students.

Dimitra Iwannou

Forum Private Institute is the best choice we have ever made for our boy. The teachers care about the students and prepare them for their next steps in the best possible way

Andri Demetriou

The high level of teacher expertise, the great educational environment and the continuous feedback we receive makes Forum Private Institute a top choice for our daughters

Kyriakos Latsias

Helping Others


Several student-led charitable drives raise thousands of dollars annually and help provide supplies that directly benefit underserved communities in San Francisco, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Eritrea and other places around the globe.

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