Forum – Private Institute


Forum Private Institute was founded in 1970. It is one of the oldest, largest and most successful English Language Schools in Cyprus, with pioneering study programs. The founder of the Forum , Costas Djapouras, was a man with a deep, genuine love for the student who left his mark for decades in both the public and private sector. His legacy continues with teachers who serve as role models in the execution of innovative programs.

Our Mission

Forum Private Institue is one of the most innovative institutes in Cyprus. Our mission is for young children to enter the world of education with a sense of excitement and joy.

We work closely with well-known certification bodies, publishers of innovative curricula and other stakeholders to ensure that we provide the most positive experience they could ever have with learning.

We make sure that we not only give them the opportunity for academic excellence and academic certification, but also provide opportunities for new experiences. Travel, theatre, movies, music, games, quizzes, technology are just a few examples of the kind of exhibition we want for our students’ learning journey.


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